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Dear Park Heights…

Dear Park Heights,

Introducing myself is less important than what I would like to discuss with you, so bear with me as I greet you with a series of questions…

Ask yourself the following questions: Are you satisfied with your economic status? Are you comfortable with rising food prices? Are you satisfied with the quality of food in your community? Are you comfortable with living in areas where trash has begun to build up? Are you dependent on government? Are you satisfied with your quality of life? If your answers to these questions are negative, consider joining us in our work to improve Park Heights.

I am from Park Heights. I was born at Sinai. I lived off of Park Heights and Spaulding. And though I had some terrible childhood experiences, I also had some great experiences and so I love Park Heights, but Park Heights isn’t the same Park Heights I grew up in the 90’s nor the Park Heights of my parent’s era (70’s & 80’s).

You may not know me personally, but I must make it known that I love you. How can I love you without being acquainted properly? Please know a lack of a personal relationship with you is not a hindrance to having a very great love for you. The love I have for you is complicated to explain. I am Bryant Muldrew and I hope you will come to love my family and I as I love you.

Why am I telling you that I love you? Because I need you to know and believe this. I also need you to know that I need your help.

My clear goal is to change Park Heights into a beacon of prosperity in Baltimore City. I am wise enough to know I cannot accomplish this by myself. This is why I need you. If you believe Park Heights can become one of the greatest vibrant communities in Baltimore, then you and I are of one mind.

What can we do to make this a reality?

My belief is prosperity is the result of freedom coupled with love. So what is freedom? For me, freedom is the ability to control your circumstances without interference. This means you can do whatever you want in regards to living your life. Again, this is freedom, but freedom must be coupled with love. Now love works no ill to his neighbor. This means that freedom must be exercised with self-restraint. Freedom must be employed with the desire not to hurt others.

What does freedom and love have to do with prosperity? I assure you, they have everything to do with prosperity. Take a look around you. Your freedom is stifled by laws and policies from all levels of government. Much of these laws and policies were made to prevent harm; but the result has become economic dependency on government.

Is economic dependency on government, freedom? Can it lead to prosperity? No! Absolutely not!! The very nature of freedom requires you not to be dependent.

There are some who will disagree with me claiming I am advocating lawlessness. This is untrue. What I am advocating is unity, a community working together to build its own sustainable structures to reduce dependency on government. Is this a radical idea? Not by a long shot. This is an ideology well known to the pre-depression era generations. Independence, freedom, love and collaboration are pillars in high functioning societies.

So what am I asking you to do? I am asking you to converse with me. I am asking you to help me build something special. I am asking you to help me to produce a system that will help others (and ourselves) in our community. I am asking you to see my vision of freedom and prosperity.

I am starting an organization called Fields of Compassion (FoC), which will do two things: Practice urban beautification and grow produce. What does this have to do with freedom and prosperity? Producing our own food will help us become less dependent on government SNAP programs and grocery markets. Producing our own food will help us control the quality of our foods. Producing our own food will cause local industries to develop to preserve the food produced. Producing our own food will help to increase our economic status. Producing our own food will help manage our health and increase our vitality.

Urban beautification? The practice of removing undesirable debris from urban communities is urban beautification. The practice of cultivating native plants to enhance the beauty of urban communities is urban beautification. The practice of taking pride in your community by actively making the community a more comfortable place to live urban beautification.

Regardless of your answers to the questions at the beginning of this letter, FoC ideologies and practices will benefit you and your family.

FoC is now in the process of raising money to do this work. We intend to apply to foundations for grants but we do not want to become dependent on outside money. Our goal is to develop fundraising systems that can become sustainable. We want to be responsible to the community only, instead of being responsible to others interests.

What we really need from you is your strength, your courage, your enthusiasm, your wisdom, your love, and your guidance.

If you can support us further, by donating, please do so. We’re not asking you to donate thousands of dollars. We’re asking you to give what you can to support our FoC’s work in Park Heights. And please note that our work will not be limited to Park Heights. We have full intentions to expand to Sandtown, Cherry Hill, and Harwood (Greenmount and 25th area). We want to establish Park Heights as a model other communities can emulate in the future.

Again, I love you and if you are from Park Heights, I admonish you with deep sincerity to become involved with this work. Park Heights is where it all begins.

With Love,

Bryant Muldrew

President and Founder

Fields of Compassion

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