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Love In Action

Love is a verb… It requires action.

Contrary to popular use of the word, love is not a noun. It is a verb. To love is to do something. Notice the distinct differences between the following statements.

“I love you.”

“I have love for you.”

One suggests that love is a thing (noun) you possess and the other suggests that love is something you do (verb) to another person. One shows the possession of a particular feeling towards another person. The other shares an action, an outward flow to someone else.

Now these two ideas can work in concert, but only one of them requires action as evidence of the fact. Therefore, love is manifested action not proven by words only, but by deeds.

Words to Action

So then a declaration of love should also manifest into outward action instead of internalized emotion. Love for fellow man should not remain static in empathy and sympathy. Love should erupt openly and therefore be evident for all to see.

FoC was created as a vehicle to love others. It is founded on the principle of loving others and participating in a process that proves the existence of love.

FoC’s chief mission is to help communities understand food and economics, while simultaneously building a system of economic independence through local food production. Additionally, FoC encourages cooperation among community members through love, the outward expression of compassion for others.

FoC’s clear purpose is not to become another institution communities are dependent upon, but to become a catalyst for a system of love operating in communities to systematically change the quality of life for Baltimoreans.

Though this may appear as a utopian daydream, FoC believes its goals are attainable through perseverance of love…

Thus it is called Fields of Compassion.

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