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Feeding Families

Every year, thousands more people participate in SNAP programs. Though many millions have benefited from these programs, it has also resulted in generational dependence in certain demographics. Yes, SNAP is feeding families; however, it is not teaching families how to feed themselves.

Fields of Compassion (FoC) wants to help families learn to feed themselves. FoC is not another organization/institution to become dependent upon. There’s a well-known saying “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach that same man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Dependency or independence? These are options. One is a lot easier and provides a lot of free time. The other requires hard work, but grants freedom.

Thus there is a decision that must be made: take the easy way or the hard way? Have food provided for you or learn to provide for yourself? SNAP or community produced produce. SNAP or partnership with FoC?

This is not an indictment of SNAP. This is an appeal to those who want to be free of reporting income to government subsidy programs. This is an appeal to those who want to be independent instead of dependent.

Is this possible? Absolutely. There are dozens of vacant lots in our city. Many of these can be cleaned and used to produce food. The production of food in the community allows us to control the quality of the food we consume and to decrease spending on food. During this process, many will learn how to plant and grow addition produce in the yards and homes.

The result will be a surplus of quality organic produce in the Park Heights community of Baltimore. Out of necessity, localized industries will arise to preserve the surplus food. Thus, additional jobs will be added to the community. A brief study of history will prove this to be a common trend regarding food production.

We have a grand opportunity to take control of our food, health, and economy!!!

It will take a lot of work and much teamwork, but it can be done. Are you willing? Are you willing to invest time and energy into a long-term investment that can benefit generations to come?

FoC wants to build a structure in Park Heights that grows produce and cleans the community. Sustainable organic food production and urban beautification are our goals. And we intend to be the model in which all communities in Baltimore can find prosperity!!

Join us.

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