Baltimore / Maryland / urban beautification

Why Am I Doing This?

It is imperative that I share with you all my motives and agenda. It is in my best interest (and yours as well) that I make my intentions clear so you and I can operate under the same understanding. Generally, I would like to avoid all confusion regarding any sincerity of purpose; therefore it is my inflexible desire to make my intentions known.

  1. I am selfish.

Let me admit something many people would not openly admit: I am selfish. I have children and I want them to reach adulthood in a community where they can develop into strong positive intelligent people. The current state of this city is not conducive to the development of positive considerate honorable character. Thus, I believe it to be in my best interest to change (and cultivate) this city into a place where malice and hostility are less common than love and peace. This is my selfish desire for my children. I believe any reasonable father would agree with my position.

  1. I believe in independence.

As I have mentioned in previous writings, independence is vitally important to me. Independence is necessary for freedom. There is no freedom in dependency and where there is no freedom there is no prosperity. If you’re suffering economically, it is more than likely a result of lack of freedom and independence.

I want to be independent. I don’t want to rely on government (or disgruntled taxpayers). We can become independent. How? By growing our own food. Food is one of four essential items we need to live. Food is the easiest of the four to satisfy especially if you have the knowledge. I believe with all of my heart that we can (and will) change our economic status if we gain control of our food supply instead of relying on a handful of food producing companies and the grocery chains they supply.

Independence. This is my goal. Will you be independent or dependent? Will you have freedom or the illusion of choice?

Do you have a say in what foods are available to you? Or does the food industry decide for you? Even the slaves were fed, but not what they may have wanted. They ate what was given to them. We have an opportunity to choose for ourselves what we will eat, the quality of what we will eat, and who will produce it. We must understand how food affects our freedom and independence.

  1. I am concerned about the future.

As I get older and my children get older, I find myself more concerned with future than I was when I was a teenager. The future must be planned for when you are young.

Maybe you have a 401K or some other retirement plan. Let me ask you a few questions: Does your retirement plan account for inflation? Will it cover the gradually increasing cost of food?

Will your retirement benefit your children in your absence?

FoC is a plan for the future!! Let us learn together how to grow sustainable organic food and plan for our future. Let us learn to develop localized industries surrounding food production. In doing so, we can create a stronger retirement plan when compared to plans dependent on fragile stock markets.

Yes, your future is at stake. Social Security, 401K’s, IRA’s and other plans may not be enough. Production of food has withstood the test of time!!!

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