Baltimore / Maryland / urban beautification

Employment, Youth, Leadership

As mentioned in other writings, FoC is centered on urban beautification and organic produce production. In executing these operations, we want to accomplish the following:

  1. Generate a sense of ownership and responsibility in community members.
  2. Educate the community about food, health, and economics.
  3. Foster leadership in youth to continue the work of FoC beyond FoC’s existence.

Let’s focus on point three. How can we foster leadership in youth around FoC’s work? There are many different ways to accomplish this, however, some methods are more practical than others. The two most practical methods are volunteerism and employment.

The president of FoC, Bryant Muldrew, has a long history of working with youth as a member of the Baltimore Algebra Project. Mr. Muldrew understands the need for cross-generational work to influence systemic change in Baltimore.

The chief way to get young people involved is through economic incentives i.e. employment. FoC wants to hire youth to participate in its urban beautification program in Park Heights. Additionally FoC will give Service Learning Hours to high school age youth who participate.

Through this process, we expect young people to develop into leaders in the community continuing the work of FoC beyond FoC’s existence.

Where are we now?

Currently, Mr. Muldrew has ties to an alternative school in Sandtown. The students in this school are years behind academically. Mr. Muldrew wants to hire some of the students as an incentive for maintaining good grades and positive behavior. In addition, Mr. Muldrew intends to hire young people within the Park Heights Community.

FoC is currently in the fundraising stage of our work though Mr. Muldrew has began the urban beautification program near Pimlico Rd. and Park Heights Terrace.

Help us expand our work in Park Heights and Sandtown by donating what you can. Read our article Dear Park Heights. If you agree with the work our organization is trying to accomplish, please donate through this link.

Support our work.

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