Our Purpose

Fields of Compassion (FoC) is a giving farm which will give quality food to people regardless of race, religion, gender, or location. Our major goal is to contribute to the larger society and support the survival of those who do not have adequate resources to maintain a higher quality of nutritional health. FoC’s primary focus is to organize a system of community gardens in Baltimore, MD. The result will be a network of community driven gardens where multiple communities can share and trade physical resources and information to maintain sustainable food production programs. We believe food independence is important to combatting economic disparity in urban areas. In addition, we hope entrepreneurs will begin to emerge through the necessity to preserve and store produce.

Long-Term Vision

We hope to reach out to others who share our vision and will contribute to our efforts to support those who are less fortunate. We intend to develop and maintain a network of vested groups and individuals to help increase the quality of life of their neighbors.

We believe it is humanity’s responsibility to take care of God’s creation which includes human, animals, plant life, and environment. This is the central premise of our work. FoC is not affiliated with any specific denomination though we will collaborate with any institution invested in supporting individuals and families regardless of their religion.

Our long-term strategy is to utilize the community gardens as a platform to educate the community on farming and the ability to take care of their families. We believe the ability to produce food for one’s family is an essential skill in this economic climate. We also believe operating community gardens is an opportunity to develop family and community unity in the Baltimore City.

After establishing a stable system of growing and producing quality food, FoC plans to operate its’ own soup kitchen. Though we intend to continue to contribute to other institutions, operating our own soup kitchen allows us to directly control the quality of the food served to the community.